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Front/Rear Access LED Display with 16: 9 Ratio 600*337.5 Mm Panel (Indoor P1.25, P 1.56, P 1.667, P 1.875)

Front/Rear Access LED Display with 16: 9 Ratio 600*337.5mm Panels with high contrast ratio and perfect display
  • P1.56
  • PRT
  • 8528591090

Indoor LED Display panel of P1.56 with size 600x337.50mm die-casting Aluminum, seamless spliced,high contrast,double data back up,can be maintenance from front and rear, perfect vision effect, 


1. Ultra HD: up 409600pixels per square meters,like as HD TV screen with full color

2. Ultra slim cabinet: the thickness is only 65mm,with fashion configuration design

3. High strength: made with high quality Die-casting Aluminum cabinet, enhance the heat dissipation,and extend the cabinet's working life

4. Seamless splice: no space/gap between the cabinet,ensure the good informance

5. High refresh rate: with advanced technology and reliable parts ensure the high gray scale and high refresh rate

6. Panel with 16:9 each,for good display vision


1.  Support seamless splice for any sizes

2.Adjustable brightness, support 16Bit high gray scale,for images to be brightness and perfect details

3. High contrast ratio,fast response speed,high refresh rate, meet the high speed image display,and support 3D display

4. High efficiency heat dissipation, no fans no noise

5. Wide view angle, up to 140 degree, with same effection and no brightness difference

6.Long life span to 100000Hours, low brightness attenuation,good uniformity

7. With 2500-10000K color temperature for choosing, can meet the different request according to the different area, especially for some special request application,like as studio,virtual simulation,Medical Display etc, and popular used in monitor room,meeting room,Command room,message display etc.

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