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Difference between COB and GOB

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1.COB encapsulation is called Chips on Board, which is a technology to solve the problem of LED heat dissipation.

 Compared with in-line and SMD, it can saving space, simplifying packaging, and has an efficient thermal management method.


COB has insufficient accumulation in the small-pitch LED industry, the process details need to be improved, and the main products in the market are temporarily at a cost disadvantage.

 1) Poor consistency: Since there is no first step to select the lamp, so couldnt split light and color, cause poor consistency, etc

 2) Modularity is serious: Because it is made up of many small unit boards, resulting in color inconsistency, modular serious

 3) Surface flatness: As a single lamp is dispensed, the flatness is poor, and the graininess is obvious when touched.

4) Difficult maintenance: because need profcessional equipment, it is difficult to maintain and the cost of maintenance is high,so need to return to the factory for repairing.

5) Manufacturing cost: Due to the high defect rate, the manufacturing cost far exceeds the small pitch of SMD.


 2. GOB is the abbreviation of Glue on board. It is a encapsulating technology.to solve the problem of LED lamp protection. 

It uses an advanced new transparent material to encapsulate the substrate and its LED unit board, forming an effective protection of. 

The material has ultra-high transparency performance, and possesses ultra-high thermal conductivity. 

The GOB small pitch can be adapted to any harsh environment, realizing the characteristics of true moisture resistance, waterproof, dustproof, impact resistance, UV resistance and so on.


The advantage: 

1) High protection, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-collision, and UV resistance, which can be applied to more harsh environments to avoid the phenomenon of large-scale dead lights and dropped lights.

 2) Compared with COB, it is characterized by simpler maintenance, lower maintenance cost, and a larger viewing angle. The horizontal and vertical viewing angles can reach 180 degrees, which can solve the problem that COB cannot mix lights, the modularity is serious, the color separation and color difference, and the surface flatness is poor problem.


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