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Differences between AR, MR, VR And XR Technologies

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Nowadays, various 3D and AI technologies have been integrated into various major fields, and they can be seen everywhere in performance and commercial activities. 

Especially virtual reality technologies such as XR and AR have already created a huge market. Faced with such a huge market, Can you clearly distinguish the differences 

between AR, MR, VR, and XR technologies?

XR, also called extended reality, is a collective term for all emerging immersive technologies. Strictly speaking, it does not belong to a specific technology, but is an environment for real and virtual handover generated by wearable devices. XR includes AR, VR, MR, etc. The integration of technology is an extended reality composed of various different technologies. The mainstream of the public is still VR and AR. Maybe XR will become mainstream in a few years.

AR is also called augmented reality. Virtual information and objects generated by computers are superimposed on the real world. They can be experienced through smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices. Moreover, they are based on the real world, so when users interact with others, other people will see them. You can also see what is happening in front of them. The most famous AR games include the popular Pokémon GO game two years ago.

VR is also called virtual reality. Contrary to AR augmented reality, VR is carried out into the virtual world by wearing a device. Others can only see the scene viewed by the experiencer with the help of the screen. VR deceives the user's vision through the device, and then cooperates with it. Music, smell, temperature, etc., can hide all the user's feelings, allowing the user to completely escape reality and enter the virtual world to achieve an immersive experience; this technology is currently widely used in the gaming field.

MR is also called mixed reality. It is the product of the integration and interaction of the real world and the virtual world. In the real world, you can see the virtual digital world without using any equipment. In various science fiction movies, we often see virtual projections operated by technicians. Operation panels belong to this technology, and the key to this technology is interactivity.


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