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Small spacing LED screen advantages and features:

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Small spacing led screen is become popular and popular,and widely used in many area for where need UHD,perfect display vision,please let us to learn the details of this new kind of products as following:

Small spacing LED screen advantages and features:

  1. Seamless, high definition, perfect display
    A. eliminate visual joints, enjoy the large, complete display screen
    B. pure black pure white background, showing beautiful colors, the screen structured
    C. unique black ink processing technology, high-precision correction system, so that the screen bright color uniform

  2. Point-by-point correction, bright color uniformity
    Small pitch LED screen contrasts with traditional screen brightness chroma
    DLP, LCD for a long time after use, the light source attenuation will lead to the display of single room brightness, uneven color

  3. Fast frame change, nanosecond response time
    Using nanosecond group display technology, the LED display frame time is reduced to a very short, eliminating the LCD and projection in the processing of fast dynamic picture when the tail, ghost overlay phenomenon

  4. Super wide viewing angle any angle perfect display
    Original wide viewing angle technology, about 160 ° ~ 170 ° from top to bottom, watch no dead ends, no color cast, the image is always perfect seamless, showing a larger coverage area

  5. Intelligent brightness adjustment, automatic adaptation environment
    Brightness: 100-800cd / ㎡, according to the surrounding shades of change, automatically adjust the brightness

  6. Speed refresh significantly enhance visual comfort
    Independent research and development of high-end broadcast control system to support the ultra-high refresh rate output, drive decoding rapid response, the intake of stable picture without ripple does not flicker, response to dynamic display, image edge clear, good dynamic expression

  7. Broadcast color gamut, color temperature intelligent adjustable
    A. using RGB three primary color imaging technology, to broadcast standards
    B. After a single point of brightness, color correction, so that the screen brightness, color height consistent
    C. Adjustable color temperature range of 2500-10000

  8. Display unit size is small, smooth surface splicing


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