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The difference between SMD and DIP led display

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What is the difference between SMD and DIP led display? 

many customers will ask this question,here list some answers as following for reference:

1. Surface Mounted Device LED is short for SMD,through the SMT technology encapsulating diode, soldering this lamp on the PCB board 

surface. Widely used for indoor projects.
   Dual in-line Package is short for 
DIP, after soldering the LED lamp's feet to stable it on the PCB., so it names of DIP LED. 

   Mainly used for outdoor projects.
2. The comparison of SMD and DIP. SMD with RGB 3 colors in 1 LED cup technology, with better colors uniformity, and wider viewing angle, 

usually, SMD can be done the small pitch pixels,so for some high resolution LED screen, SMD is the best choice.
3. DIP technology with LED foot in PCB board, then the heat dissipation is better than SMD, and higher brightness, even under the sunshine, DIP LED screen can also show the contents well. That is the reason why people like DIP for outdoor used.
4. For the energy saving influence, SMD is a new technology, it is high luminous efficiency and good heat dissipation,SMD is 30% energy saving more than DIP.

5. Previously,SMD is only used for indoor LED screen, but with technological breakthroughs in recent years, SMD brightness has been greatly improved,waterproof processing  also be completely resolved, therefore, SMD is more and more applied to the outdoor LED display in market.


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